AVID SAT Prep Vocab Second Semester

Week 19 Vocab (Assigned on January 8th, 2018)

Week 19 Vocab Words

  • Astute – (adj) [uh-stoot] wise; shrewd; keen (The detective made an astute observation which led to solving the case.)
  • Extraneous – (adj) [ik-strey-nee-uhs] not essential; superfluous  (To write a clear and concise research paper, remove all extraneous information.) 
  • Placate – (v) [pley-keyt] pacify; conciliate (Not even her favorite stuffed animal could placate the fussy toddler.)
  • Vindicate  - (v) [vin-di-keyt] clear from blame; exonerate, justify or support (The new DNA evidence was able to vindicate the man who had been unjustly accused of murder.)

Week 20 Vocab (Assigned on January 15th, 2018)

Week 20 Vocab Words

  • Ambivalence – (n) [am-biv-uh-luhns] the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes (Caught off guard by his invitation to the dance, the girl could not keep her ambivalence from quickly showing on her face.)
  • Appraise – (v) [uh-preyz] to estimate the nature, quality, importance , or value of (Most jewelry stores will appraise gems that you have inherited.)
  • Conflagration - (n) [kon-fluh-grey-shuhn] great fire (Over thirty homes were lost in the sudden conflagration.)
  • Provincial – (adj) [pruh-vin-shuhl] pertaining to a province; limited in outlook; unsophisticated (The New Yorker socialite always found her country cousin quite provincial.)

Week 21 Vocab (Assigned on January 22nd, 2018) 

Week 21 Vocab

(Remember, these are prefixes and/or suffixes. Choose pictures that illustrate the prefix or suffix.  For example, you could Google "toward" or "near" when looking for an image of "Ac...")
  • Ac = to, toward, near.  
    • Examples:  accelerate – to increase the speed of; accessible – easily entered, approached, or obtained; acknowledge – to recognize the truth or existence of.  (After the lively debate, she acknowledged that her opponent had a valid point.)
  • Ex = from, out.  
    • Examples:  extricate – to free or release from entanglement; explicit – fully and clearly explained; extol – to praise highly (A team of Navy Seals was sent in to extricate the prisoners of war.)
  • Idio = peculiar, personal, distinct.  
    • Examples:  idiomatic – peculiar to a particular language; idiosyncrasy – a physical or mental characteristic typical of a particular person; idiot – someone who is distinctly foolish or stupid.  (Her nervous giggle was one of her more endearing idiosyncrasies.)
  • Pung =  to fight.  
    • Examples:  pugnacious – having a quarrelsome or aggressive nature; repugnant – distasteful, offensive or revolting; pungent – piercing.  (The pugnacious boy was always trying to pick a fight on the playground.)
Don't forget to put all of the examples as part of the definition on your Vocab Slides.

Week 22 Vocab (Assigned on January 29th, 2018)

Directions for starting the project. 

Step 1: Pick your Partner.

Pick someone different from the previous semester.
Only two people. 
No really, just the two of you. 

Step 2: Create your Presentation in Google Docs.

Go to http://drive.google.com 

Step 3: Share your Presentation with Mr. Harmless and with your partner.

Don't forget this step or Mr. Harmless will not be able to grade it. 
Don't forget to share with your partner, this way if you are not here, your partner will still be able to edit the presentation.

Step 4: Start editing your Presentation.

  • Slide 1 needs to have your name and your partner's name and the title of the presentation. 
  • Each word slide needs to have the word, the definition, and a picture representing that word all on one slide. 
  • Watch the video to see how your presentation ought to look. 

Here is a short video for how to start your presentation:

Mr. Harmless' project (as an example) 

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