August 30th, 2017 -- AVID Elective Instructions for Today:

posted Aug 30, 2017, 9:42 AM by Matt Harmless
Number One: Critical reading instructions:
  1. Go to Google Classroom and open the assignment called "Been There Done That"
  2. Read this article. (Just read through the first time.)
  3. Read a second time, this time to mark the text. You can highlight in Google Docs. You can also insert comments in Google Docs.
  4. Read a third time. This time, make personal connections between your life and the text that you have jotted down. 
  5. Write a reaction paragraph at the bottom of the article. "Turn in" when completed.

Number Two:  Persuasive One-Pager
  1. Go to Google Classroom and open the Assignment called Persuasive One Pager.
  2. Type a paper persuading students that getting involved in school is a positive choice. 
  3. Try to use something that you learned today from the speaker. 
  4. Try to use something from the article. 
  5. Try to use one other outside influence (an older friend or mentor). 
  6. Try to come up with a story or illustration that captures the idea that you are trying to represent.
  7. "Turn In" when done.