Zentangle Day #2

posted Mar 19, 2019, 6:14 AM by Matt Harmless   [ updated Mar 19, 2019, 10:47 AM ]

Here is the video for our Zentangle Day #2:

Zentangle Apprentice Pack #2 - Learn about Strings

Zentangle Apprentice Pack #3 - Learn a New Tangle - String.mp4

Zentangle Apprentice Pack #4 - Learn a New Tangle - Meer.mp4

  • Watch the video while you work on your Zentangle. 
    • You can make this video full screen, might be helpful. 
    • Pause the video whenever necessary. 
    • Please try to keep the volume down or plug your headphones into the Chromebook (or your phone). 
  • Feel free to listen to music at the same time. 
    • (Try to pick something "ZEN".)
  • You can get your pencil from Mr. Harmless. 
    • (You should already have your Zentangle Pen.)
  • Try to enjoy this.
Here is yesterday's video: 

Zentangle Apprentice Pack #1 - Make a Tile.mp4