AVID Lesson - Group Project

Project Description:
  [ ] Groups of two or three.
  [ ] Groups will present a 5 to 15 minute lesson on their AVID Topic.
  [ ] The lesson must include one "activity".
  [ ] Presentations will begin next Monday.

Day One - September 18th, 2017

Number One: 
  • Pick your Group 
  • Minimum of two people.
  • Maximum of four people.
  • Pick a name for your group.
  • Tell Mr. Harmless who is in your group.
Number Two: 
  • Pick a topic with your group.
  • Topic must be AVID related.
  • Topic must be approved by Mr. Harmless.
  • Tell Mr. Harmless your group's topic.
Number Three
  • Write an essential question.
  • This is the question that your lesson will answer. 
  • Type this question in an e-mail and one person in your group needs to send it to Mr. Harmless
Number Four:
  • Pick a learning activity to be a part of your lesson.
  • Type out a basic description of the activity.
  • (Full directions for your activity will be given to Mr. Harmless later.)

Day Two - September 20th, 2017

Today you need to Prepare your Lesson
  • One person from your group needs to create a Google Doc and share it with Mr. Harmless (2 pts.)
  • Call this Google Doc, "Lesson Plan for the _________ Group" (1 pt.)
  • With your group, plan your lesson. Include the following parts for this lesson:
    • An Introduction: (2 pts.)
      • What will you say to start the lesson?
      • What is your Essential Question?
    • Some Teaching Time: (10 pts.)
      • How will you present the material?
      • What material will you present?
      • The rest of the class will take cornell notes over your lesson. Make sure you present material in such a way that they can take notes.
    • The Learning Activity Time: (10 pts.)
      • What is the activity?
      • Include directions for the activity.
      • Include materials that you might need for the activity.
    • A Closer for the Lesson: (2 pts.)
      • How will you let the class know that your lesson is over? 
      • What is the answer to the essential question?

Day Three Project ~ The Rubric

This is the Rubric that Mr. Harmless will use to grade your project. 
(Use today to make sure that your group is ready to present.)

[25 points] At least 5 pieces of Knowledge 
(You need to share at least five different pieces of information. The students listening to you should be able to identify these five things. You can have more if you want, but at least five.)

[10 points] Activity
(The activity can be a group activity where you get everyone involved or it could be something like a powerpoint presentation. If it is a powerpoint, make sure that Mr. Harmless has a copy of it before Monday.)

[5 points] Peer Input
(The other students in the room will fill out a form evaluating your presentation. Mr. Harmless will use this for a small part of your grade.)

[10 points] Involvement
(This portion is individually based. Every member of your group needs to be involved in some way. If you are not doing the presenting, make sure Mr. Harmless knows how you helped.)

[10 points] Lesson Plan
(You need to turn in a "lesson plan" to Mr. Harmless. This lesson plan needs to include the following:
  1. Names of your group members.
  2. Each Group member's input.
  3. Notes that you are presenting.
  4. Directions for the activity (if necessary).