Google Classroom

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet: Getting Started

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet: Student Edition for March 2020

Getting Started With - March 2020 - Student

Getting Started

Getting Started with Google Classroom:

Created for a Professional Development at Danville High School.

Adding Students

Adding students to Google Classroom.

Google Forms in Google Classroom

Create Google Form

Create a Google Form directly in Google Classroom.

File Uploads in Google Forms

Uploading files in Google Forms -- one way for students to upload larger files to send to a teacher. When used on a phone, students can use the form to take a picture with their camera.

Creating Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Google Classroom Day to Day Basics

Google Docs in Google Classroom

Two Types of Docs

Part 1

Creating and Finding Google Documents and Microsoft Word Documents

Two Types of Docs

Part 2

Sharing Google Documents and Microsoft Word Documents via Google Classroom